/ Newcastle City Council

360 Reasons to be in Newcastle

London? The Sahara? Santa Monica? Nope. Try Newcastle.

    While Newcastle, Australia might be well known for its legendary surf and laidback culture, 
    many wouldn’t guess its also a world-class city full of business, employment and investment opportunities.

    So, to convince young professionals to make the move and set up their careers in Newcastle,
    we wanted to show the city in a surprising new light. 

    Getting down to business - The reactions were turned into an online film and promoted on social media. People could then check out an online hub where they could hear local business and career success stories and see why they should make the move to Newcastle.

    Where in the world…?

    Using the world’s latest 3D 360 VR tech, we asked people to pop on a headset and take a look around eight amazing locations and name where in the world they were.

    The twist being that they were all in one incredible city. Newcastle. 

    A video of the first activation was turned into a piece of online content which extended the reach of the campaign across the globe, ensuring thousands of people became brand ambassadors. By giving Newcastle expats not only a reminder that they too should become ‘returners’ but also giving them a way of sharing the virtues of Newcastle and their affinity with this amazing city across social platforms.

    The installation will be used at many events and activations outside Newcastle, promoting the benefit of the city to potential suiters.