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Meet Brad and Ian.

Neighbours who don’t have a lot in common but spend a fair bit of time talking over their shared fence. Both have come to realise that the range of Bradford products can make a big difference in their lives, especially with electricity bills being a bigger issue for Aussie families than anything. So now is no time to sit on the fence when it comes to getting the best solar and battery package available.

We developed an integrated campaign that made the Bradford Solar & Tesla Powerwall essential for people who are looking to buy, build or renovate. It highlighted the ease of installation and the incredible savings. It was also the introduction of our two characters.

Pete Ogden, Enigma ECD: “We have been wanting to create a long-term campaign with ongoing characters for quite a while now. I think with Brad and Ian I have found my new best mates. Looking at the wide portfolio of brands that sit under Bradford, we are hoping to see a lot more of these guys in the future.”

Sometimes being nosey pays off.

Bradford always always there to help Aussies make the smart decision.

Thanks to Ian’s inquisitive nature, we can see what that decision looks like. This new campaign for Bradford Black insulation highlights the technical superiority, ease of installation and the hands-on nature of the product, something unexpected in this category.

Peter Chapman, Enigma Executive Director: “We’re delighted to be working with the Bradford team. The brand is iconic and the product line up is spot on. So with the right mix of brand building and functional product comms, we’re expecting to really move the needle. ”