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More than just show bags and fairy floss

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Helping revive a truly iconic institution

The Newcastle Show has been running since 1899. It has since been a special event for people in Newcastle and once was a city wide holiday.  However over the last few years, in the face of a changing entertainment landscape, numbers have been dwindling. 

In 2019, the board team at The Show wanted to breathe fresh life into the organisation and approached Enigma to help. 

We started with a product review and worked our way right through the customer experience, ending up with a repositioning, new brand and event campaign that reflected true transformation and aimed to showcase the eclectic mix of activities on show, at The Show. 

The campaign was a massive success, with the highest attendance in 40 years.

“We haven't seen numbers like this since the 1970s and 1980s," Peter Evans, President of the Newcastle Regional Show


Bill Posters

Letting Jack out of the box

We developed a concept for an activation at Wheeler Place that caused intrigue around The Show. 

From Motocross to Fairy floss

To support the new brand, a range of collateral was rolled out from TVC to radio, bill posters, outdoor signage and digital 



From clydesdale to cocktails

From motocross to fairy floss

From beef jerky to demolition derby


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