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Carving up history to ignite the future

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/ the grit of it

How giving fans a patch of grass reinvigorated a football club. And got bums on seats.

A cap and lanyard don’t mean much when your team has hit rock bottom. This membership campaign gave Newcastle Knights supporters a shot at owning history. Literally. 30,000 patches of sacred ground up for grabs.

Matt Gidley - CEO

Matt Gidley - CEO “ 30 years of glory, hardship, hopes and dreams has seeped into that grass. The blades were whispering. ‘There’s an idea in here people”

Immersive website

30,000 square foot patches of the Knights’ home stadium was carved up virtually. We built an immersive web experience letting fans relive history, claim their hallowed patch and share great memories from this sacred ground with fellow supporters.

Inspired by sporting memorabilia

We created each print execution to reflect sporting memorabilia design, pinning a player to a patch and a specific moment in history. Here fans could get the goosebumps rolling.

Hurrah, hurrah for my square meter of footy kingdom.

Our retail press made the benefits of memberships feel extra special. It got fans talking. And guided them online for a seamless customer experience between our website and major ticketing outlet.