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Helping rewrite the future.

Now. And for generations to come.

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Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation

Since 2003, the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation has supported people in need throughout regional NSW. To date, they’ve distributed more than $19 million across more than 450 projects. But the Charitable Foundation is about much more than just numbers.

Showing a new side to the Charitable Foundation

Rather than simply talk about the dollars, facts and figures, we wanted to shift the focus to sharing the impact a Charitable Foundation grant can have on an individual, a family, and the wider community.

 And it all started with a simple line.

Helping rewrite the future

People who are disadvantaged may feel they have a pre-determined future. But with support from the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, they can be helped to create a better life they once didn’t think possible. To launch the campaign we used four case studies, sharing their incredible stories and highlighting how the Charitable Foundation has helped rewrite their future.