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110% Aussie

Going the extra 10% to get noticed.

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How a regional campaign drove up the ‘care factor’ for a national energy company

Red Energy’s parent company, Snowy Hydro, is a story of hard work and Aussie tenacity (going the extra mile or extra 10%) - the very same values that people of the Hunter region hold true. We summed up this shared equity as ‘110% Australian’ and the campaign returned extra for our targets too.

From the Snowy Mountains to the Hunter Valley, our launch TV spot highlighted the locals who give 110% and would give more if they could

Voices you could trust.

Each radio spot told an individual’s story of giving that extra 10%. Suddenly a typically dry message about energy, became a warm one.

Local press proved how Red Energy gives 110%.

Every face told an honest, straight up message. Together they formed a compelling collection of reasons to believe Red Energy always works harder for their customers.

Regional brands need to earn their stripes in the community.

Sport is where it’s at in regional communities. Red Energy was there too. Beside using locals in our ads, we sponsored local sporting teams, activated with events and even locked down a local ambassador in Rugby League Newcastle Knights star Danny Buderis. He’s about as ‘110% Australian’ as it gets. By becoming an active participant in building a better community, Red Energy earned the right to a real share of voice.