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Stealing from old people tastes good.

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Does everything old fashioned have to feel nice?

Hell no, says local fizzy pop producers, StrangeLove. Here’s a ginger beer product story with a real twist. We staged a daylight robbery from St James’ retirement village - home of the forgotten.

James Bruce, StrangeLove Founder - “It’s actually rare to work with a team that gets what we are about so quickly - I suspect they are all depraved lunatics.”

Victory never tasted so old & sweet.

We came. We stole. We got rather sticky. We celebrated our success like a geriatric grand prix. You can’t not look. Warning: This is borderline ‘turn you off your lunch’ content.

Posters ‘n’ prose - the full product range story.

The story was much bigger than a midnight ideas that launch the best tastes in town; we wanted to imbue each distinctive flavour with it’s own distinctive personality type. In essence creating a match-made-in-fizzy-pop-heaven between fizzy drinker and fizzy flavour.

Did we get away with it?

Did they try to shut us down? Stop our pop? Indeed. No amount of legal fizz would shake us. We shredded those letters and used the carnage to pack the first boxes of StrangeLove Ginger Beer. As for that recipe….. yes we like you. But not that much.