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There’s no excuse for risky driving

Helping make “Yeah…BUT” a thing of the past

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An excuse makes everything okay? Well, not if you’re travelling at 80kmph.

Our new campaign highlights the seemingly innocuous excuses that drivers make to justify risky behavior on the road.  These excuses have become ‘normalised’ yet the consequences are often devastating. 

We will hopefully encourage people to identify that they also ‘do that too’, and to understand the potential impact on their community, their family and their own lives.

We worked with an incredible team to bring this idea to life, from our gracious ambassadors in country towns far and wide across NSW to the incredibly talented boys and girls at The Sweet Shop films who created our TVC campaign. 

Pete Ogden, Enigma ECD: “It’s not often you get to work on a campaign that can make a genuine difference in the lives of Australians. I am incredibly proud of this work and the effort that the team has put into it. From the pitch to going live, it’s been a long road. Looking at the campaign that we have delivered, I realise it’s been worth every step.”

Keeping it real

Working closely with Transport for NSW and their media and social media agencies, we developed an integrated PR campaign featuring local ambassadors and people in the street, to give the statistics a face, a location, a reality and a name.

One name was Sam Bailey. Sam is a quadriplegic as a result of a crash while not wearing a seat belt. Other ambassador films, featuring locals who fit the target demographic, will tell their stories about how road trauma has impacted their lives and will be rolled out throughout 2018. 

How many excuses will it take?

A lot, apparently. When looking at radio, we decided to combine the key excuses that we were constantly hearing from our male target audience…and there were plenty. 

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From “Yeah…BUT” to “Yeah…NAH”.

In our initial launch phase of "Yeah...BUT", we created an issue of denial amongst the older, 
male drivers of country NSW. It was time then to follow up with "Yeah...NAH." 
This featured the very moment of that bad decision on the road and will hopefully give pause to the drivers out there tempted to push it...