Brett Lavaring

Group Executive Director, PR

The world of media has always fascinated me. As a young bloke, I'd go to bed with the radio and tune in to stations right around the country listening to various programs and it lit a fire within me.

Dreams were achieved and I've worked in commercial radio and the ABC and presented Television news bulletins in two states. Those two decades as a journalist provided a great background for a career in Public Relations and heading the PR team at Enigma.

Nowadays I work across a wide range of clients from many sectors including banking, mining, retail, government, sport, building, logistics, and manufacturing.

And I always have my trusty pen.

The pen in my photo was given to me when I started at Enigma, it's now ten years old. The fact I haven't lost it is a miracle! But it also represents the power of words, and how effective communication can achieve great goals.