Head of Broadcast

I usually sit in the eye of the storm, where my strong organisational skills and extensive industry experience allow me to maintain calm amidst the often stressful and chaotic world of production and creative services.

I am grateful for an incredible career that has included producing award winning campaigns in the UK and even shooting a commercial in the world’s largest underwater tank.

Adept in all stages of the creative production process, some of my recent work has included producing campaigns for McDonald Jones Homes, Newcastle Permanent Building Society, Red Energy, CSR Bradford, Edmonds, Urban Growth, MOJO Homes and Simplr. 

The necklace I’m wearing was given to me by my grandmother. 

I’d just received a certificate for completing high school work experience at the local TV station. One of the comments made her chuckle, it read, ‘Katie is good at being nicely bossy.’

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