Leisa Cameron

Executive Director

As an Executive Director, I love the yin and yang of my role. I am passionate in motivating my clients’ on the power of creativity and I feel there is nothing better than having a happy client and a happy agency team. I run a list of clients from Australia’s largest building society to property across private sectors to government and a portfolio of energy providers and shopping centres.

In my spare time I cherish moments with my two sassy daughters, gave up trying to learn French and am a daily devotee to either yoga or spin classes.

Which takes me to my evil eye

It’s a small but sentimental item, a glass trinket that is used by many cultures to ward off evil. I bought my first evil eye the first time I ever travelled overseas. The evil eyes adorned my back pack, then my first home, hung on the cots of my daughters, were on their school bags and then their first overseas travel bags.